About Me


  • I want to make you look beautiful.

Because you already are. I’m just going to capture it in photographs for the rest of the world to see! I’ll quickly direct you into simple, comfortable poses. Even those dreaded family photos. Seriously, the most frequent expression after composing large group photos is “We’re finished? Wow! That’s was painless!”

  • I’m flexible.

Not physically anymore than the next person. But! I roll well with punches and hiccups. Wedding days can be stressful! I’ll be the one by your side managing craziness, steering away from the potholes, and leading toward the focus – the unity of you and your Mr. or Mrs. Right! …All the while trying to keep your bridesmaids hydrated!

  •  I’m focused.

If you catch me in a coffeehouse, I’ll be the one in the corner, my nose stuck in a book, sipping on my caramel latte with almond milk. On your wedding day, I’ll be the one behind the camera, articulating directions, and SUPER EXCITED  for you and the day you get to marry your One True Love!!!!

  •  I cannot wait to meet you!!!

Reach me via email. (VictoriaRosePhotographer@gmail.com) I’ll respond within 48 hours. I’m ecstatic to meet you and your spouse to be!!!