Hello Friends


I just wanted to reintroduce myself for all of you who are newer to Victoria Rose Photography.

My name is Victoria Rose, most of my friends just call me Vickie.

I’m not a fan of small chat. But in order to not scare off new friends, I’ve learned to carry on a decent conversation before sharing my heart with you. Cuz I like to be real. And while the weather is great occasionally (it is Michigan after all), I’d rather learn about you, your family, and where you want to go in this adventure called life.

I fell in love with cameras at a young age of 13. With my mom’s encouragement, I started snapping everything from bright orange mushrooms to squirrels to cars to my adorable sisters. As the first born of four girls, my protective and loving personality (ahem, or motherly as my sisters would claim… like whatever 😉 ) can’t help but try to teach them about life. Needless to say, I’m a people-first kinda girl. Even in college I’d be up late talking with dorm mates about their dreams and fears…then do my homework (sorry, Dad). Upon graduation, I was offered a counseling position in my dorm! Like, um YES! For the next three years, my job was to lead girls in learning about Jesus and teach ’em about life. I love. every. second.

So, my new friend, you need to just chat about life? Give me a call. We’ll go out for coffee. I’ll bring my Bible. I got you, girl!

This was pretty deep. If you’re still here, I applaud you. Also, I think we should be friends. So here’s my number. Call me, maybe 😉

But really though… email me at victoriarosephotographer@gmail.com!

Your new friend,

Victoria Rose… or Vickie … or Hey, girl 🙂


P.S. This photo was taken by Emma of Emma Catherine Photography! Hi Emma!


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