.: David & Alyssa :.

Their Love Story

When approached by coworkers to be set up for a date, Alyssa wasn’t too keen on the idea.

When approached by two ladies from church to be set up, David wasn’t interested.

When both David and Alyssa attended the same fundraiser, they greatly encouraged to meet. To appease their friends, David approached Alyssa and introduced himself.

Though these two never expected it, their lives were meant to cross…and even be joined together!

Christmas Day, 2015, David handed Alyssa a small gift bag. Alyssa opened it to receive a small box. David got down on one knee and said, “Alyssa Kryn Gronow, will you marry me and be the queen of my castle?” She of course said, “YES!”


Second Photographer: Susanna Moses

Ceremony Venue: First Baptist Church of Sterling Heights, MI

Reception Venue: Maranatha Baptist Church, Clarkston, MI

Catering: Yates Cider Mill

Guest Favors: Kit Jacokes


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